Young People and Adolescence

(Gemma Wood)

It can be very common for young people to strive to be something that others want them to be or what may be perceived as ‘what other’s want them to be’, losing their identity of who they really are and who they really want to become.  Seeking approval from adults and peers can dictate a young person’s perception of themselves.

Young people yearn for protection, love, understanding and safe boundaries even though this may often appear the last thing they desire! Often this yearn can be hugely contradicted by young people’s external behaviors.  This can potentially make being a parent even harder as parents may feel isolated as well as confused too, believing they understood the needs of their child, yet the child’s behavior suggests otherwise.

Talking to a therapist can offer young people a relationship that can help an individual to get to know the ‘real’ them.  The authenticity of each human being, their reality and their life experiences are validated by the therapist. This allows them to find their own answers and identity whilst gaining self-confidence and belief.

Being able to offer young people the additional support of 1-to-1 or group therapy can potentially give them the support network they need. Being understood, heard and supported can help both the child and the family realize they are not alone, different or abnormal and that a potentially healthier future can be achieved.


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