Healthcare Standards

Quality and Safety are central to the services we at the Special Medical Clinic provide for our patients.  In order to be able to demonstrate and quality assure our services, we have chosen  to  work towards benchmarking the level of our services against the standards set by The Care Quality Commission (CQC) in England, which are specific to a healthcare setting, in the absence of such a monitoring body in Gibraltar.  This organization regulates, inspects and reviews all adult social care services in the public, private and voluntary sectors in England.

The 16 Essential Standards are directly related to quality and safety of care, with a further 12 standards monitoring the routine day-to-day management of a service.

The standards include the quality and safety of treatment, cleanliness of the establishment, staff recruitment and training and information available to patients. 

CQC have grouped these standards you have a right to expect into 5 key areas for organizations that offer regulated activities which are comparable to our services.  We will strive to meet these and endeavour to improve on any of the areas that do not meet the quality of care we value.


The key areas are as follows:

  • Standards of treating people with respect and involving them in their care;
  • Standards of providing care, treatment and support that does meet people’s needs;
  • Standards of caring for people safely and protecting them from harm;
  • Standards of staffing standards of quality and suitability of management.


The Specialist Medical Clinic will make available annual reports on this website including a précis of evidence relating to the above standards and how we can demonstrate whether or not these have been met.

The first of the annual reports will be available December 2012.


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