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The Specialist Medical Clinic, based in Gibraltar, is a medical practice spanning both primary and secondary care.We aim to provide a quality friendly service through patient focused care offered by over 20 accredited experienced and specialist practitioners.
 Surgical Services
On Your Doorstep

At Specialist Medical Clinic our surgical services range from the expansive General surgery to the focussed requirements of Urology, Dermatology, Orthopaedics and Neurosurgery.
Skin Care & Beauty
By Trusted Professionals!

Specialist Medical Clinic provide top quality Skin Care and Dermatology by a team of talented individuals.

Meet our Consultant Dermatologists and our Aesthetic Practitioners, Susan Rhoda and Ros Bown

Feel safe knowing you are in capable hands.
Accute Illness
& General Practice!

Dr Patrick Nerney and Dr Monique Risso provide comprehensive general practice healthcare for individuals and families in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere

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Mental Health
Free Yourself!

Modern life is tough – pressures at work, longer working days, social lives and peer pressure can have a drastic effect on your mental well being. A happy mind is a healthy mind.

At the Specialist Medical Clinic, we have professionals available to help you feel better.



We are able to offer direct settlement arrangements with the major insurance companies.

We will submit invoices for consultations and any investigation fees to them.         


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The Team


Meet The Team at the Specialist Medical Clinic, ready to handle your needs:



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